Bantuan Wirausaha BBR @Lebak Gede

on March 12, 2017

The third CSR activity in 2016 carried out in the village of Pulo Lebakgede, Merak. The target of this activity was a small community with below average rate of economic capacity to get funding and business mentoring to grow their business. Of course, the Company hopes that the economy of the beneficiaries can be better in the future.

Mrs. Jumiyati was being the first target of the program “Near Coastal Economic Improvement", this is an ongoing program of the CSR activities with the target of creating a “BBR Village" or rather being a village that have a better living standards since it was the concern of the Company.

Mrs. Jumiyati is a cassava chips seller that have been blessed with two children. Her husband is a casual worker with irregular income. Eventually, Mrs. Jumiyati’s business is helping the family’s economy and what the Company do is to increase their income to have a better standard of living.