Corporate Social Responsibility 2017

on May 21, 2018

In 2017, The Company focuses on the environment that is directly related to The Company’s operations. There are two areas that The Company choice, first Belitung and the second Sukabumi. Both areas are selected because it is the area where ships that operated the company operates. The activity itself takes the need in each region that has been  observed in advance by The Company.

First Activity

The first Company target in Belitung is a former mining village of tin, the village is Juru Seberang. Together with the surrounding community, The Company planted mangrove seeds that The Company had adopted in areas affected by mining activities in the past. The damage in this area is quite severe and threatens the ecosystem as well as the safety of the people around this area, so salvage action that one of them plant mangrove trees is important. In this event, The President Director and Company’s Operational are present and participate in mangrove planting activities with the surrounding community.

Second Activity

The second target of The Company is breeding the turtle Pangumbahan in Sukabumi, exactly at the Ujung Genteng  beach.

The company chose the turtle adoption because it includes marine creatures that play an important role in safeguarding marine ecosystems, and the turtles can be found throughout the World, which means the absence of turtles will instantly make ecosystem changes and disrupt the balance in the World. With this activity, the Company hopes to be able to
participate in maintain the sustainability of marine ecosystems.

The Company participates in the election process of egg-laying, egg removal so that hatching eggs are assisted by the  community of turtle lovers in Pangumbahan. The Company’s delegation is very grateful to the Pangumbahan captive head who has provided a wider insight into the importance of keeping the turtles at bay.