Lie Ly – en

on April 8, 2017



Indonesia citizen, appointed as a Director based on The decision of shareholders outside the meeting on September 28th,2011, the results of which was covered by deed no. 21 dated July 22th, 2011 of Chandra Lim, S.H., LL.M., as the head of the financial section. In addition, also a Director of MPMT Pte. Ltd. (EST. 2012), Director of the MPMT 1 Tankers Pte. Ltd. (EST. 2012), Director BBRS (since 2011), Director Marco Polo Offshore Pte. Ltd. (since 2009), Director of MP Shipping Pte. Ltd. (since 2008), Director of Bina Marine Pte. Ltd. (since 2008), Director of MP Marine Pte. Ltd. (since 2008), Director of Marco Polo Marine Ltd. (since 2007), Director of MPM (since 2006), Director of the community development Investment Pte. Ltd. (1999-2006). Graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Murdoch (Western Australia) in 1995 and a Master’s degree in accounting from Curtin University (Western Australia) in 2008.