Welcome to PT. Pelayaran Nasional Bina Buana Raya Tbk

 PT. Pelayaran Nasional Bina Buana Raya Tbk, or BBR is a leading shipping company that aspires to be the leading provider of marine, logistics and offshore support services in Indonesia.
The Company established in 1998, and become listed Company on IDX since January 2013, currently the Company is engaged in the leasing of offshore support vessels for the oil and gas industry as well as Self Propelled Barge vessels to support the coal industry.
The company's offshore support vessels consist of four (4) Anchor Handling Tug / Supply (AHT/S) vessels and one (1) Self Propelled Barge vessel.
In accordance with the Company's mission of being the best in terms of service, related to quality and customer satisfaction, the Company always provides services by always keeping the fleet in good condition according to applicable standards.

Being versatile and powerful vessels equipped with enhanced bollard pull, AHTSs are mainly deployed to tow oil rigs and other less mobile largee vessels and anchor them to precise locations and occasionally also serve as Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessels.



Self Propelled Barge Division

Owning and managing a fleet of Self Propelled Barge , BBR provides voyage charters of vessels for bulk handling, transportation and transshipment (coal, steel scrap, iron ores, sand, aggregates and other commodities) solutions.

Offshore Marine Division

As part of its plans to meet the needs of the buoyant offshore oil and gas sector, BBR ventured into the dynamic and challenging offshore marine sector. Today, BBR owns fleets of offshore support vessels, mainly AHTS start from 5400 BHPs.

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